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This is a video


My name is Russell Edwards, and my middle name is Levi. I named my business Russ Levi Photography just to confuse you.

I’m a full-time wedding (and other stuff) photographer. The only things I take seriously in life are my connections with other people and taking photos…and telling terrible puns. Just dreadful puns.

I grew up in San Diego, and now call San Francisco home. Having photographed hundreds of weddings and events I eat, drink, and will not shut up about light.

A friendly chap who loves what he does. I typically walk around at weddings with a huge grin plastered on my face. Energy and mood are communicable and I’m all about spreading the love.




And there are a lot of things that I love. I love my family, girlfriend, and friends. I love traveling to exotic lands, spontaneous dance parties in my tiny apartment, terrible puns, trying all of the tacos at Vallartas, hiking in the redwoods, an Old Fashioned at Local Edition, making map art, riding bikes along rivers, eating pizza at Golden Boy, visiting all three of Diego Rivera’s murals in SF, geography at trivia night, listening to Radiolab while checking out murals in the Mission, rollerblading in Golden Gate Park (yep, I still rollerblade), putting up wood and pipe shelves (adult legos), eating vanilla ice cream (still the best flavor), getting chai at Raman’s Chai, recording nerdy photography podcasts, and everything and anything quirky and fun.

We can be deeply romantic and outrageous and spontaneous...all at once.



I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to roughly a quarter of all the world’s countries, and kindof/sortof live in Italy, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Hong Kong for short periods of time. I’m also passionately in love with the Bay Area and California in general and spend my free time seeing all of our beautiful coastline, deserts, mountains, and trees.



I can also really dig on some art, possibly from when I used to live a short walk from the Uffizi. When traveling I enjoy going to galleries and  spending waaaayyyy too long wandering around museums. I’m a particularly big fan of Caravaggio and Bernini as well as some Mexican muralists, but am equally amazed at contemporary and indigenous artists from basically everywhere.


—So just a note, this amazing videographer Spencer Sarson made a little clip about my approach to photographing weddings. He makes awesome videos of weddings too. —

<3<3<3 to y’all and all the other image makers and storytellers represented on this page